Headed down to the Big Bend National Park on the Rio Grande in search of the North American warbler hunter’s Holy Grail –  the Colima – a high elevation specialist! It’s range in the US is limited to the Los Chisos mountains in southern Texas.

Los Chisos Mountains. Legend has it that there is a lost silver mine and buried treasure somewhere in the vicinity. Apparently prisoners were taken, blindfolded and marched across the desert to keep the location secret. Forced to work in the mine as slaves, all were lost in a cave-in. The unclaimed treasure lies protected by their ghosts….or los chisos!!!

But enough of material gain, it’s photographic glory we’re after!!!

Good buddy Paul gets directions from a cooperative local. Apparently the bird can only be found way, way up!! That’s OK. We’re loaded for bear and ready for a challenge!!

Ah, maybe I shouldn’t have said that!! Turns out we weren’t as loaded for bear as we thought!! We encounter a mother bear and cub along the way!!

Pinnacle Trail assault. Paul say’s it’s no big deal. “A walk in the Park!!!”

Los Chisos mountain village in the valley floor below quickly recedes from view.

Up, up we climb and then finally, out of nowhere, it appears -the Colima warbler. Hallelujah!!

Los Chisos farewell! Rio Grande Village here we come!!

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