After leaving the Los Chisos mountains we headed for Rio Grande Village, about 25 miles away but still within the Big Bend Park. The landscape becomes more desolate and the temperature rising with each passing mile.

Tunnel entrance to Rio Grande. The mountains of Mexico can be seen in the distance.

Upon our arrival, we head for the marsh area of the popular campground. A welcome oasis from the parched and scorched earth we have been travelling through for the past week! Despite the presence of water, the temperature feels a little strange.

Working our way around the village we soon spot a Black-tailed Gnatcatcher!

And finally there it is…..a Varied Bunting!! Admittedly the lighting is bad, but both our cameras (top of the line Nikons) have difficulty focusing at exactly the same time. What’s going on??  We’re a long way from Roswell, New Mexico but somehow we seem to have entered a rupture in the space-time continuum!! Must have been that Tunnel back there. Somebody should have put up a sign……you are now entering……… the “Outer Limits”!! Cue strange music!!!

Try as we might, the equipment keeps playing up!!  “Come on baby, don’t fail me now!!”  I switch from auto focus to manual and back again. Despite the technical difficulties we keep blasting away in the hope that we can salvage something from this unique opportunity.

(Latter that night we google Nikon specifications. Much to our chagrin we belatedly learn that our cameras are only good to 104 degrees. We were shooting at 107!!  Outer Limits??!! We were outside of the temperature limit!! ROFLMAO!!! Live and learn, baby, live and learn!!)

Later that afternoon (after taking our cameras out of the sun and placing them in the air-conditioned car), I managed to spot both Mr. and Mrs. Vermillion Flycatcher.

Female Vermillion Flycatcher!!

Peaks of the mountains just across the border on the other side of the Rio Grande.

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