…..all over again!!!

I’ve been reworking an image from my recent trip to France which is rapidly becoming the image of the trip!! And there’s not a mountain in sight!! Go figure!!

The historic windmill at Moulin-à-Vent in the Beaujolais.

I shot this image in a High Dynamic Range technique using multiple exposures to pull out the detail in the shadows and highlights. That plus some other tricks hidden deep in the digital darkroom has allowed me to capture the mood of the setting as I experienced it on that glorious, never to be forgotten, fall day.

By popular request, this image in a framed 19 x 13 inch poster size is already gracing several of my friends’ walls.

This was all the camera was able to capture in a “one shot” image. Pretty flat, washed-out and lifeless. I just knew I could do something better with it and went with my instincts.

Déjà vu?? No!! More like Beaujolais…….Nouveau!!!

Hope you like the result!!!

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