It’s the end of an era!! The once mighty Kodak corporation is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. Imagine, a mere decade ago the debate was still open as to whether or not digital could ever reproduce the quality of film. With the demise of Kodak that verdict is in.

George Eastman

The skills required to use the cameras and chemicals needed by the photography of the mid-19th century were far beyond those of most people — until a man named George Eastman created a company called Kodak, which made cameras that ordinary people could use. Kodak’s products became the world standard for the next one and a half centuries. But just as Kodak’s technology made older modes of photography obsolete back in the 19th century, so the new technology of the digital age has left Kodak behind.

I have to admit I owe Kodak a huge personal debt. Not just for my legacy photos preserved on its legendary film products. Back in the 80s and 90s when it was a solid stalwart of the Dow Jones Index (and a fat cash cow paying a whopping 10% dividend….try getting that in today’s market!!!), I dabbled in the stock once or twice making enough capital gains to support my photographic interests for a lifetime. Thank you Kodak!!

Click here for Paul Simon’s famous musical take on the ubiquity of Kodachrome film and its enormous societal impact. RIP old friend!!


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