Driving home from the Maritimes last summer provided the opportunity of exploring route 299 which divides the Gaspe peninsula in two, east and west.  This lonely stretch of road meanders along one of the world’s most famous salmon rivers…..the Cascapedia. Once in the Chic-Chocs, you pass directly by Mont Albert before descending down to the St. Lawrence. Fabulous scenery…..but make sure to fill up before you start in either direction. There’s only one primitive pump at the mid way point!!

Salmon pool, Cascapedia.

Salmon fishing camp.

Flyfisherman’s idyll.

Flyfisherman. Just after taking this picture I heard (but did not see!)  an enormous splash downstream. Must have been a salmon of 20 pounds or more!!

Finally, it seems that my birding outing to Britannia Bay the other day wasn’t the washout I had thought.  Upon processing the shots,  I discovered this little jewel….a pristine pine warbler.

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