The weather forecast for yesterday called for a mixture of cloud and rain.  I had planned to spend the day indoors but a phone call from a birding buddy late in the morning encouraged me to venture outdoors in pursuit of a rare Northern Wheatear (well, at least for these parts!). No luck with the Wheatear, but did manage to capture my best shots ever of three species. Weather turned out to be spectacular!

Lapland Longspur, Petrie Island, Ottawa.

Horned Lark, Petrie Island, Ottawa.  Normally a difficult species to photograph, this particular individual practically walked right into my lens!!

American Pipit, Petrie Island, Ottawa.

Flock of Black Brant flying down the Ottawa River at Petrie Island.  LOL! Thought I was taking a picture of some Canada Geese. Turns out they were the very much less common Black Brant. (Hey, I was distracted by the distant roar and aerobatic maneuvers of a P51 Mustang burning up the autumn sky across the river at the Gatineau Airport in Quebec. What can I say!!)

Northern Harrier, Alfred Bog, Eastern Ontario. Working our way home we had a chance to play with this hunting raptor. He gave us a couple of good (but not great!!) shots.

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