A recent trip to the Caribbean allowed me the chance to put my new travel sized three hundred mm f4 lens to the test. Although not as versatile and fast as the f2.8, with patience some decent shots can be obtained. Not a birding trip per se, however I was able to capture some of the island mainstays.

frigate-bird-1FRIGATE BIRD

male-frigate-bird-1MALE FRIGATE BIRD

northern-gannet-1MASKED BOOBIE

tobacco-dove-1COMMON GROUND DOVE 

Or Tobacco Dove as it is known here in the Bahamas.


yellow-throated-warbler-1YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER 

An unexpected treat I spotted from a beach bar on Turks and Caicos.

ruddy-turnstone-1RUDDY TURNSTONE

black-bellied-plover-1BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER

mockingbird-1GREY KINGBIRD

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