The Arctic Tern

A small, slender white bird, the Arctic Tern is well known for its long yearly migration. Its travel from its Arctic breeding grounds to its wintering grounds off of Antarctica may cover perhaps 40,000 km (25,000 mi), and is the farthest yearly journey of any bird.

tern on stone (1 of 1)ARCTIC TERN


tern nest (1 of 1)ARCTIC TERN ON NEST

tern minnow (1 of 1)ARCTIC TERN CATCHING MINNOW 

tern fish (1 of 1)


tern chick (1 of 1) ARCTIC TERN CHICK

tern pair (1 of 1)A DELICATE BALANCING ACT 

tern flight (1 of 1)ARCTIC TERN HOVER 


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