The Yellowstone river and its tributaries are world famous as a fly fishing paradise. West Yellowstone alone has several flyfishing outfitters tucked in amongst the cowboy shops and numerous bars and grills. My kind of town!! (Oh, and don’t forget the IMAX theatre!!!)  Even the local MacDonalds is decked out in a flyfishing motif. ( OK, the fly rod on the wall was fitted with a bait casting reel. An A for the idea and C minus for execution….but hey, their corporate strength is hamburgers!!)  I’ll cut them some slack!!……which I have never been know to do with a fighting fish on the line.!!!

Is there any other kind??

This scene looked so idyllic that I wanted to jump right in there with him. Only the lack of waders and equipment prevented me! (OK, I’ll admit it, it also looked a tad cold!!)

Frosty morning fishing!!

Another joy of Yellowstone Park……A River Runs Through It!!!

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