“December the seventh, 1941…..a date that will live in infamy”                                                             Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Today is the 8oth anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which dragged the United States into the Second World War.



Lt. Commander, USN     BRUCE. A. RECK

I’d like to acknowledge the exploits of my first cousin once removed who received 14 medals for his service on 6 vessels of the US Navy during the Second World War. Bruce Reck was a proud American whose parents were born in Humberstone, Ontario prior to emigrating to Erie, Pennsylvania.   While stationed at Pearl Harbor,  he did salvage diving on the sunken ships. 

After the war he was active in the Naval Reserve into the 60s and became a dedicated family man and  community leader as a Boy Scout leader whose troop became famous for its Native American dance interpretations, one of which I can recall being performed in my home town. Bruce was a heck of a nice guy and proud of his parent’s Canadian roots. He often visited as he liked to keep in touch with his many relatives north of the border. 

For good reasons many today call men and women of that era the “Greatest Generation.” Hard to disagree with that assessment. 

Lt. Commander  Bruce A. Reck

Ave Atque Vale



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