Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is the home of modern flight. This is the location chosen by the Wright brothers for their historic experiments in powered flight.

Life size mock up of the original flight in  December of 1903 as seen from atop Kill Devil Hill.

Wright brothers’ flight sheds.

Memorial Statue erected by the US Congress on top of Kill Devil Hill in honour of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Starting point of first powered flight.

Flight line with stone markers showing the distance of the initial flights.

Kitty Hawk today. Sunrise on Kitty Hawk beach.

Kitty Hawk sidebar.  The above image is a close up of the Eagle Squadron memorial in Grosvenor Square, London. You will note the name of James  “Goody” Goodson,  in the second line from the bottom. I had the good fortune to meet Goody, “King of the Strafers”  at the RAF museum in London in the late eighties.

Shipped back stateside at the end of the war, Goody was temporarily stationed at Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.  In chit chat around the officers’ mess he heard of an old codger living in a cabin down at the end of an abandoned runway.  On a Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do, he decided to walk down and say hello. When he knocked on the door, an old, wizened man appeared in the doorway.

“Orville??…Orville Wright??”

“Yes, ……. what can I do for you??”

“My name is James Goodson and I just want to shake your hand!”

Having myself shaken Goody’s hand, this means that the hand that is typing this sentence is but one human hand away from the one at the controls of that first powered flight over a century ago. Incredible!!

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