While not specifically a birding trip, my recent visit to Yellowstone did allow me to click at whatever target of opportunity happened to fly in my way.  Although the lateness of the season mitigated against an abundance of birds, I was able nevertheless to add four species to my life list.

Golden Eagle feasting on severed elk head near Gardiner, Montana.

Flight of the Golden Eagle.

Clark’s Nutcracker. Being unfamiliar with western birds, when I first saw this hove into view, I thought I had an albino crow!! LOL!! The milky, grey sky in the background prevented my auto-focus from acquiring a good, tight image…..however it’s good enough for an identity shot!

Blue Grouse.  I spotted this western speciality while cruising through an icy moutain pass over a desolate, narrow and winding road. It took me a good mile or two to find a relatively safe place to do a 180 degree turn (one misstep here would have entailed very costly and lengthy consequences!). Fortunately this handsome creature was still waiting for me by the time I got back.

Barrow’s Goldeneye. After Mallard’s and Merganzer’s, this handsome species, highly uncommon in Eastern Ontario, would appear to be the most abundant type of waterfowl.

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