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Artem Ponomarev

My friend Artem Ponomarev is an immigrant from the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia and a member of my local toastmaster club. Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of coaching him through some preliminary rounds of Toastmasters’ … Continue reading

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It’s the end of an era!! The once mighty Kodak corporation is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. Imagine, a mere decade ago the debate was still open as to whether or not digital could ever reproduce the quality of … Continue reading

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  Vivian Krause made an appearance last night at an event sponsored by Ottawa’s Free Thinking Society. Vivian has researched the financial connections between major American charity foundations and Canadian environmental lobby groups opposed to the development of naturalĀ  resources … Continue reading

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The day breaks clear and cold on March 6. Probably the last day for pristine winter photography this year. So I call up a couple of friends and off we head for Parc Omega, near Montebello, Quebec. We are not … Continue reading

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